Monday, 24 October 2016

Exciting Times

     For so long we have reached this stage of the season and despite trying to remain optimistic I have known in my heart of hearts that we were out of the race for the title, facing up to another year without a realistic title challenge, with the odd exception we are normally off the pace and at best looking for a place in the top four and hoping for a successful cup run.  The frustration most fans have felt has been massive leading to a change in how we have supported inside the ground, sometimes nervous, sometimes negative but never fully backing the team.

     Since Klopp arrived he has set about changing the atmosphere around the club we have seen him challenge the fans support, ask us to believe, ask us to create the atmosphere whilst he has set about developing the team.  We have seen a change on the pitch, without a doubt it is better.  Klopp's decisions over the summer, although heavily criticised, have been proven correct and we, the fans are starting to learn.  We have improved the atmosphere, we are showing the belief and the negativity inside the ground is disappearing replaced with hope and support.

     On the pitch the players are doing their bit, I am not forcing myself to be optimistic, for once my head and my heart are in agreement we are in this, we are in it up to our necks.  I don't know if it will stay that way, I don't know if we can maintain it but for this first time in a long, long time I think it will.  We look like we can win against the big teams, we look like we can break down teams who "park the bus" we look like we have fight, we look like we have character, we look like we have a bit of depth to the squad, our manager looks like he can and does make a difference everything looks good, we are making a challenge.

     We are joint top coming into a run of, on paper, easier games, that will be the next big challenge not to slip up and allow the frustration in we can't and won't win every game but we can and should win most of them and keep the challenge alive and keep the optimism.  We have already played some of the seasons most difficult challenges and come out with wins away at Arsenal, Chelsea and home to the current champions Leicester a draw at White Heart Lane and a draw at home against United all positive results whilst we did slip against Burnley we have also got results against Hull and WBA keeping the positivity going. It also should be noted that we have played a deficit in home games due to the new stand, more home games should mean a better chance of more points putting Liverpool in the best current position of their rivals.  Plenty to be positive about, lots of excitement ahead but we need to guard against the negativity, don't wait for the dip in form, for the bad results, we are a different team under Klopp and as the manager says ......WE MUST BELIEVE.