Sunday, 24 January 2016

What a Game !

      I don't normally do match reports but what a game we watched at Norwich and it could just be the turning point we have been looking for.

     Liverpool were not good, we were bloody terrible, all over the pitch both as a team and individually we were terrible with the exception of Firmino and Lallana and up to the very last minute of the game I was fuming with them all.  For the whole first half it looked like we didn't give a shit, for the whole match we couldn't defend, childish errors all over the field, every Norwich attack caused panic, every shot was a goal every corner was like a penalty, by half time I was predicting a humiliating defeat, possibly as big as Stoke last season and when Moreno gave away the most idiotic penalty I have seen for years, I mean what was he thinking, not once but twice absolutely bloody stupid, that was it I was of the opinion we should just get rid of them all and start again.

      But then we showed that we have something we have a bit of fight, following the third Norwich goal going in Toure grabbed the ball from the back of the net and ran to the half way, he was saying come on we can sort this, we can get this back and we bloody well did, within seconds Henderson has got us back in it and now there was two players Henderson and Firmino grabbing the ball and rushing it back to half way and minutes later following Firmino's equaliser most of the team were there determined to get on with the game, we can win this now.  We must remember that we were not good we got back into the game because Norwich were shit even worse than us, they sat back and can't defend a huge tactical error if they had continued to attack they would have continued to score proven by them grabbing a late late equaliser following Milner capitalising on the worst error of the game to give Liverpool an unlikely lead.  Surely it was all over 4-4 three minutes in to injury time, no, remember we are fighters now And Lallane grabbed a fifth and winning goal and wild scenes of celebrations led by the manager.

     We were rubbish but what a quality game and a quality three points and there is every possibility that that terrible performance could start us on the road.  Klopp, who is the man for the job,who will bring success has been putting messages in all our heads players and supporters, don't leave early, a game last until the final whistle, anything can happen and if that wasn't heavy metal football.  The messages are getting across late equalisers against West Brom and Arsenal and that against Norwich, confidence must be increasing maybe in the years to come we will look back at this game as the one where it all started again for Liverpool.

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