Monday, 5 January 2015

The Holiday Period

The holiday period is a busy time for any club and normally I look forward to it, lots of football and usually a few wins but this time I was dreading it, we have been in terrible form, terrible results and terrible performances from both the team and individuals, poor up front, poor in midfield and poor at the back and the manager seemed to have little idea as to what to do about it.  Then came the Manchester United game and two big changes we dropped Mignolet for Jones and changed formation.  The position with goalkeepers is difficult they are both not good enough we have all watched Mignolet get worse and worse as his confidence has been eroded  but Jones appears to have hands made of smoke and is totally unable to stop a shot and in my opinion this was a huge factor in us loosing this game yes we had had our normal defensive issues but the new formation appeared to be suiting us we created enough chances to win the game but on this occasion couldn't find the finish and with Sterling looking good playing through the middle providing plenty of movement things for the first time in a while looked promising.
More good attacking football against Bournmouth with a couple of goals from the impressive Sterling and a superb performance from Markovic along with a better defensive performance led by Sakho and more encouragement with only the keeper again looking a problem.
Arsenal next and more encouragement not the win we wanted as Jones again waved a couple into the net but for me another good performance and we were getting better every game encouraging at least, followed by a win away at Burnley not a stunning performance but three difficult points and a goal from a moment of absolute magic from Coutinho and another finish from Sterling.
Next up were Swansea and the performance we had been waiting for a big win and a ninety minute performance with the team producing something like the type of football we played last season, the new formation appears by now to be suiting the vast majority of our players and everybody appeared to have found some kind of form especially the front three of Coutinho, Sterling and Lallana who are now looking very impressive.  Still worries at the back but better than it had been Mignolet back in goal and still looking very nervous but going forward we looked great and the result was never in doubt, a comfortable win and moving up the table.
Finally I started to feel a little confident that things were going the right way and then on New Years day cam Leicester, bottom of the table Leicester, at home and although we were not playing great we strolled into a two nil lead thanks to two penalties from Gerrard and a half time I was happy we would then gone on and get the points but then came the worst most disgraceful performance I have seen from a Liverpool team for years, they gave the fans nothing and they let themselves the supporters and the manager down, very poor in every department and not good enough, we were close to getting back into the fight and then threw it away.  I hope that somebody has let the players how bad they were and have left them in no doubt that this is not acceptable.
We have to move on and start again the formations and form we have been showing  are better and i hope we can get back to this and get thte performances that we we the supporters deserve


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