Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Why Gerrard Is So Special

   I have been supporting Liverpool for years, my whole life and I have seen many players both playing for Liverpool and against us and in all that time I have never seen anybody that I would swap for Steven Gerrard.  He is possibly not the best player Messi and Ronaldo and even Suarez would have an argument about that but he is up there, certainly in the top ten, but the reason I wouldn't swap him is what he has done for our club that I doubt anybody else could have.  He has been at the very front when we have won things he has scored the goals he has changed the games, think back its almost always Gerrard.  That goal against Olympiakos, that strike in the cup final against West Ham, Istanbul and on and on.  But its not just the finals and the big games although he has got his share against United and Everton think back its always Gerrard he has been a constant through the years from the early days clearing the ball off the line against Everton to last seasons title challenge and his "we go again" speech we have had a player we will never see the likes of again, playing at the highest level game after game, season after season.
Throughout this time Gerrard has won praise and has been classed as one of the best players in the game but he has achieved all of this in, at times, poor Liverpool teams, he has not always played alongside Alonso, Suarez and Torres at times it has been Adam, Downing and Diouf and he has still dragged our club to wins and trophies we couldn't have expected, time and time again he has pushed the team forward almost single handedly winning games and in my opinion there is nobody else in world football who has consistently done this.  There have been other one club men, some of them very good players but none http://goldenskyliverpool.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/the-holiday-period.html have produced this level over so long dragging their clubs with them at times kicking and screaming and this is why I would never have swapped him the best player for Liverpool without question.
I find it hard to think of watching Liverpool without Gerrard in the team but we all knew there would be a time when we had to go without him and perhaps now is that time.  I am delighted he has said that he will never sign for a team in direct competition to Liverpool I cant imagine what it would be like seeing hime line up against us or even worse score at the Kop end for one of our competitors, we should have known he wouldn't he's not Lampard, but it was nice to hear anyway.  Perhaps the time has come, Gerrard's style does not suit a player who is getting on in years and he is finding it difficult to adapt, I hate seeing him face criticism, especially from our own fans, he can still hold his own in the premier league but this is not enough Gerrard never just held his own he stands out head and shoulders above everybody else and thats how I want to remember him.  So go, enjoy your time in America, go with our thanks and admiration, but remember us and when you are finished playing come back and drag us forward again.  There will always be a place at Liverpool for steven Gerrard. YNWA


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