Monday, 15 December 2014

Match Review - Manchester United

Another day and another humiliating defeat for Liverpool this time at the hands of out biggest rivals and yet again huge mistakes from the manager cost us.  This time there were some positives but again we had our chances destroyed by poor, no, disastrous decisions, that cost us the three points and are turning us into the laughing stock of European football. 

Firstly he picks Brad Jones, now we know Mignolet is out of form and possibly never going t be the keeper we all hoped for but the reason we have been crying out for another keeper for years now is that Jones simply isn't good enough, never has been and never will be, nice bloke and all that but never good enough for Premier League football.  He should never be on the pitch for Liverpool as shown by the way he dived the wrong way for the first goal and wasn't even in the goal for the third.  I fail to see what benefit playing a keeper of this standard could give to us especially when Rodgers has to take the blame for buying Mignolet in the first place and then failing to recruit anybody as cover.

Then we must look at the shambles of our so called defence.  Im not going to argue about the formation and playing three at the back, it could have worked, i'm going to argue about the personnel used we used our three joke defenders as central defenders Skrtel, Johnson and Lovren should not be playing for Liverpool with the form they have shown this year never mind have sole responsibility for the defence, everybody in the country can see it apart from Rodgers.  This mistake is then compounded by dropping Toure and leaving Sakho out of the squad all together simply unbelievable.  Lovren has been an unmitigated disaster for Liverpool up there with our wort ever defenders, he actually creates chances for the opposition and did again yesterday, yet he constantly gets rewarded with a place in the team.  Again Rodgers fault he made the decision to buy Lovren for stupid amounts of money and he is the man who is stubbornly persisting with him at the expense of better players.  What has been done about our standard of defending is there any coaching taking place, it appears not, we have been making the same types of mistakes over and over again since the start of the season and Rodgers needs to take responsibility for this he is the head coach.

Playing people out of position just to get your favourites on the pitch doesn't work, never has, never will, it looked like  we thought we were capable of total football for a while.  Henderson as wing back, when we have Johnson on the pitch but laying as a central defender, Gerrard and Allen as holding midfielders when we have Can and Lucas, especially when we have just learned or I thought we had that Gerrard is better further forward,  Coutinho is better when played deeper, we all know it, Lallana is not a striker and then most laughably Markovic is brought on to save the game as a left wing back, if i didn't care so much I would be laughing, the rest of the league are and its at our expense.  Rodgers appears to have totally lost the plot, he has no answers, our season is lost and I believe it is now going to take us years to recover without Champions League money.

One positive to take from the game is that we did manage to create several chances Sterling looked lively up front and did get himself several scoring opportunities, as did Balotelli when he arrived. De Gea was magnificent and our finishing was great but at last we created with Stirling looking to me like he could produce from this position.  I would also like to give a Mention to Markovic who again played well for me and has done in a few games recently it looks like just possibly he may be turning in to the player we had been hoping for.

In this game we we deserved a bit more on another day we would have scored a couple and two of United's goals came from stupid errors and the other one was offside so on another day, yeh i know never going to happen but at least we did create.

Things need to change, before we all forget that WE ARE LIVERPOOL. 


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