Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Time To Judge Our Buys

Many people feel that our summer transfers are to blame for our current form and position claiming that Rodgers bought a group of below standard players, I disagree, I think on the whole we did ok, yes there are some mistakes, expensive mistakes but i think we have to accept that no club or manager gets it right every time and if we want to be buying top end players then we have to pay, making the mistakes expensive.  We have had time to look at the players we bought in the summer now so I think i can give a fair opinion, but first, you have to accept that Liverpool can no longer just buy who they want, its not football manager, we don't have unlimited money and we don't have the pull we once did so we are forced to buy players who maybe are a bit younger or do not come from one of the giants of Europe.  I have stated in other articles that I feel this is the normal Liverpool way, it is rare through our history that we have bought in players at the very top, we normally develop players and I think that is, generally, what we are trying to do at the moment. 


In my opinion an unmitigated disaster, he was bought to replace Sakho who is twice the player he will ever be and it has shown, Lovren has never settled, has never been the leader we were promised and has played like a pub standard player, to be honest I don't see what anybody could have seen in him, he is poor in the air, terrible for his size, he is slow, poor on the ball, his positional sense is week he has nothing and is now starting to blame others.  His individual errors alone have cost us enough points to be top four and still in the Champions League and we payed 20 million pounds.  In my opinion Lovren goes down as one of our worst ever buys and certainly as one of our worst ever defenders. A miss


Decent player who is very young but has shown he has the ability to defend well he is weaker going forward than I hoped for and seems to settle for the safe option all the time, but he is very young and has plenty of time to develop and i sure he will.  He is only on loan so we had very little financial risk involved with him and for me he has shown enough for us to attempt to make his deal permanent as soon as we can.  A hit


In my opinion a very good player who has shown already that he has everything he needs to make it at the very top, can defend and attack and has plenty of pace, he has made a couple of mistakes that have cost goals and appears recently to have had a slump in form, but I expect this from young players, he is still learning and will go on and be a big player for Liverpool.  A hit


Has not played as much as I would like but from what I have seen he is impressive, again he appears to have everything and could develop into a top player given time.  there are rumours that he is not a great trainer and this is why he is not getting the games, if so this is worrying, but he looks good to me and has impressed when he has played.  A hit


We payed a lot of money for Lallana and he was supposed to be the finished article and for me he has not reached these heights or the heights I expected but he has been ok, a couple of goals and some good performances combined with a few anonymous games, hasn't played every week because we have so many number 10's many believe he will go on and be a top player for Liverpool, i'm not so sure, I think he will be an expensive squad player.  Hit & Miss


I think Markovic has done well after a nervous start. I am seeing moments of real class and for a player so young there is obvious potential, I'm certain Markovic will turn out to be a big player for Liverpool.  Following a few recent cameos I believe he is ready for and should be given a run in the starting eleven.  Hit


Seen by many as a big failure, I am still on the fence, I believe he has been used a a scapegoat whilst putting in decent performances, not great but ok.  I believe we will see his true class when we see him with a partner.  For me he is putting the effort in and we have seen moments of class but they are only moments and he is frustrating for both fans and colleagues.  Hit & Miss


Don't know why we bought Lambert, for me never looked like a Liverpool player, he does give us an option of a different type of striker, but Balotelli does this job in my opinion better so we don't need Lambert.  He has looked off the pace in most of the games he has played, the returning hero would have been a nice story but in fact he has looked like what he is, an overweight championship player who is passed his best.  Miss


Obviously hasn't played for Liverpool yet but his reputation has grown since we paid for him and many are shouting that we pay extra and bring him to the club early, I think we leave him be, let him grow and get a more complete player in the summer.  Hit

So overall 5 hits 2 miss and 2 undecided, yes most of the hits have for a young player after the hit and we are trusting in potential but as stated at the beginning ready made superstars aren't really an option for Liverpool at the moment and we would always expect a couple of misses out of nine players so we had a good window.  Why are we so bad then, in my opinion we are lacking on the coaching field and the manager has played people out of position in formations that don't suit them but thats an argument for another day, let just hope all our players can fulfil their potential and we will have some squad


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