Monday, 8 December 2014

They only want our money

They want our money, thats nothing new, we all know the arguments about ticket prices, about the price of a shirt for the kids, the price of any merchandise even a cup of tea in the ground all instances of the club taking the piss out of supporters, people like me who simply can't afford it any more, they, the owners and decision makers don't care though there are plenty of others to take my place, others with more money to grab and they know that I will always be there in the background spending what I can because my love for the club won't let me go.

Not content with the above instances the club have now hit the television channel that we were able to watch previously for free we are now expected to pay for.  The channel is a key way for people who live outside of the city to keep in touch to get the Liverpool content that they crave but again the decision makers have decided to hit them in the pocket charging seven pound a month for the privilege.  This is to much, I accept that there may be a need to charge to cover costs etc even though a well run channel should be covered by advertising a small charge of perhaps one or two pound I could understand but to go from nothing to seven seems to me to be an unacceptable rise.

I have not subscribed and will not be doing so not only because of the cost but because the content has become worse and worse.  The main advantage of the channel for me is the coverage of games from the reserves and the academy when pre season the adverts told us we would not miss a kick i was looking forward to watching some of the younger players at the club hopefully develop over the season, they however, failed to show the majority of the games up to the point that we had to subscribe, why would i pay when they failed to show the games they promised its not good enough to promise and then not produce and then expect us to pay with a further promise that things will get better, I expect better of Liverpool, I am a supporter a fan not somebody just to con money out of.

The amount of money floating around the club is unbelievable, I don't know figures but i would suggest that the wages from one first team player could make a noticeable difference in ticket prices as well as give us the television channel for free.  I understand the importance of attracting top players to the club, i want the team to be successful as much as anybody but I can also point out players who are not performing to the level i would expect for their salary and haven't for some time.  Its not fair that players who are not performing and appear to not be trying are getting paid millions whilst supporters who do care more than anybody are priced out of attending the game and now even watching on the clubs own television channel.


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