Monday, 13 October 2014

Are We Better Off Without Suarez?

   Luis Suarez is a good player, no not just good, great, one of the best I have ever seen certainly in a Liverpool shirt, but I would say in the top ten players I have ever seen play the game.  Wonderful to watch but also effective, never injured, infectious enthusiasm, boundless energy, scored goals simple and spectacular, not just spectacular, jump up, jaw dropping spectacular in fact when he played I wasn't  just smiling I was laughing out loud.  These and many more are the reasons we as Liverpool fans loved him.  I thought everybody else was jealous we had the best player in the league so they all hated him but was also disappointed that he rarely got the credit he deserved but hey ho he played for Liverpool so who cares what the press or anybody else thought. 
   Turns out that some of them may have been correct he is a bit of a wanker, great player but a bit of a wanker.  I didn't care about the diving and bending of the rules, he was worth it, I didn't even care about him getting banned for the Evra incident, I believed his side of the story and believed he wasn't racist.  But things started to go wrong soon afterwards, still I didn't notice because he was banging in goals.  He treated Kenny terribly, a man who had also supported him throughout this incident at least publicly, when he let him down over his refusal to shake hands.  Then the bite, a horrible act yes, but he scored in that game as well, I found myself attempting to justify even this incident, "it's the way he plays", "he'll do anything to win", "he wouldn't be the same player if you took away his passion and fight", plenty of us were the same and before long we were again defending him and when his ban was announced actually felt that he had been hard done by.  This support was not enough, as soon as he was out of the country he started pushing for a move, it seemed that stories were now appearing almost daily and they hurt, we still didn't want to lose our best player.  Then it got worse, it wasn't just the big Spanish clubs or Bayern Munich apparently he wanted to go to Arsenal, why Arsenal?  Nobody wants to play for Arsenal, they are usually fighting to leave, but again we were in the most part prepared to forgive, especially as once the ban was served the goals started flying in from all angles. A new contract was signed and we were hearing how happy he was but again this turned out to be lies, a wonderful season but it appears, all the time pushing behind the scenes for a move away. 
Then, yet again, he leaves the country and the stories start and then the bite (again) total disrespect for everybody at and around our club with the excuses making us a laughing stock in the media.  Time to admit it he is a wanker they all are correct, but he is the most talented wanker I have ever seen.
   I'm not sure it was all the fault of Suarez he has also surrounded himself with wankers with his agent, friends, colleagues in the national team and some of his family all jumping on the bandwagon and pushing on his behalf for a move I'm sure the agent was behind all of this and it was money orientated but it's not pleasant hearing people stick the knife in to Liverpool and in the case of one or two twist it a little as well.
    Barcelona who are a set of wankers, who believe they can manipulate everybody and anybody to get what they want, ignoring rules and governing bodies at will. They had obviously been working behind the scenes for a long while and appeared to know exactly what the release clause was, so for a reported £75 million pounds Suarez had gone and despite all of the above I still wish he had stayed.
   On the good side we got £75 million pounds for a player with a lot of issues that's around £55 million pounds profit for a player who is banned for four months and without a doubt will cause more problems in the seasons to come.  We had three magnificent years watching one of the best players ever play at Anfield and last year we got the return to the Champions League and almost so much more thanks in no small part to Luis Suarez,  We got to laugh at Everton and Manchester United fans again with a big thanks owed to Suarez and with all the money that his transfer and our success has earned we have bought some, in my opinion, quality replacements that hopefully have made our team stronger.  Nobody can replace Suarez but we have lost big players before, Keegan, Rush, Souness, Fowler, Owen and Torres to name a few and in the most part we have moved on, often getting stronger, we will have to wait and see but I think, as ever the optimist, that our new team will shock a few and Liverpool will be stronger and even more exciting.
   I loved Suarez, but I now think it was time for him to go, before he exploded and took us down with him.  We got more money than I expected following his latest ban and i believe we have invested it wisely.  We will have to wait and see but I think we may have just done the best thing for Liverpool.


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