Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Match Reciew (Rant) - BASEL

I started to write this yesterday and had to stop delete it and start again after a nights sleep, I was to frustrated and what I had written looked just like a rant, but that's how I felt and still do to be honest but hopefully I can be a bit more objective now a night has passed.
I simply don't understand why we don't learn lessons, the most obvious ones from this game are firstly, that yet again, we refuse to use the diamond formation that has been so successful, it has worked, the figures show it, with two up front we score goals and create chances with one we don't and it baffles me why we aren't accepting this and using the formation that seems
to best suite the players we have, I suspect there are two reasons, that we have injuries to a couple of midfield players limiting choices and that in the diamond it is difficult to see how both Sterling and Lallana fit into the team and I think Rodgers wants to play both.  If this is the case the 4-2-3-1 doesn't work for us so we need to find something that does its ok if it's not the diamond, but find something that's works rather than stubbornly persisting with something that is plainly not working and is in danger of costing us our season.
Secondly our defending is bad but from set plays is a total disaster and has been for a long time and we appear to be doing nothing about it, or the players are not listening and refusing to change, I don't accept that they are not good enough they are almost all full internationals.  An example is Skrtel a full international with plenty of experience who has gained criticism for several years for pushing and pulling players at set pieces so much so that many feel he concentrates on the player without even looking at the ball.  This issue was highlighted for months last season by supporters, coaches and the national media, so why over a year later is he still making the same mistakes, either he hasn't been told or isn't listening, both not acceptable.  Last night for the Basel goal, he was totally focused on the attacker, physically pushing him with two hands away from the goal, a penalty in itself, he wasn't looking at the ball or aware of its flight, he couldn't have been or it wouldn't have it him on the back of his head, forcing the keeper to make a save that lead to the goal from the rebound off the keeper, the same mistakes again and again.
I know this is turning into a rant again but it hurts, we had a chance this year and are blowing it and nobody seems to be doing anything about it.  I fully support Rodgers and all the players but bloody hell get a grip.
Against Basel as in many other games this year to many players just simply played badly no terribly, disgracefully bad, yes Sterling is young and we are undoubtably putting far to much pressure on his shoulders but to fall over the ball when through on goal is bad and shows somebody out of form to do it twice, simple mistakes all over the field, from a group of players who look like they have never seen each other before.  It is exactly like watching England and yes I mean Roy's England, it is that bad, I am that frustrated.
Players and management need to have a long look at themselves and sort this out and do it now, it may already be to late.
I'm sorry if the tone of this article is negative but I want to write what I am actually feeling not what I think people want to hear, I am normally optimistic and I certainly love the club and all the players are heroes to me, but, to sum it up, I spent all day, a few days actually looking forward to the game and it spoilt my week instead of making me happy and that's not because we lost its because I can't see any positive signs that things are getting better.

Come in Liverpool I'm sick of kicking the dog.


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