Tuesday, 14 October 2014

At Last - A Left Back

At last, at long long last it looks like we just may have solved our left back problem.  Going back almost as long as I can remember we have struggled with players who are not quite what we needed, playing out of position or let's face It, to often, down right bloody awful, yes I'm looking at you Konchesky and you Dicks and you Traore see what I'm getting at.  David Burrows, Steve Harkness and Steve Staunton were not much better, Jim Beglin looked like he could be then injury spoilt that plan, Rob Jones, Carragher, Agger and Johnson all had games with varying levels of success but were and are better in other positions, Aurelio a great player but made of glass, looked like he could be the solution for a while before injuries again struck even Sakho has had a game in the role with disastrous results, Ziege, Riise the list goes on an on.
But then, this summer we heard about Moreno, or Alberto Moreno Perez to give him his full title, playing at Valencia.  Throughout the summer Liverpool tried to sign him, it felt like his transfer was constant news, it was the backdrop to my summer, with Twitter reporting he was on a plane at least five times over the period, before he eventually arrived for around 12 million pounds, about 8 million less than it was reported Valencia had earlier rejected, a good price for Liverpool, I think we got a bargain.
Moreno came with a good reputation, only just turned twenty two and already a full Spanish international.  Valencia certainly didn't want to sell and apparently he was highly recommended by our transfer committee, but I had seen very little if him so must admit was a little unsure.
From day one in the Liverpool team I have liked him, he looks like he has the lot.  Moreno made his debut for Liverpool against league champions Manchester City and again looked good, he made a mistake that cost us a goal, but we could see from this game he looked a decent player, we could forgive the mistake, a young player, on his debut, settling in to a new team, getting used to the pace of the English game were all excuses but we forgave the mistake because we could see he was good, yes he made a mistake but this kid can play.  The following games just confirmed my opinion we haven't been playing well but Moreno is winning constant praise for his performances he is attacking exceptionally well and delivering some excellent balls into the box and in defence he has been the stand out player for me, at last a full back  or two actually, who stop crosses, who close wingers down and let them know they have a problem.  Then Moreno confirmed his quality with that goal against Spurs taking the ball off Andros Townsend, an international winger, sprinting half the length of the pitch and scoring with a fine finish across the keeper into the corner a lovely goal.  I knew he was fast but not that fast he outpaced the entire Tottenham defence including Townsend who is no slouch, he's not just fast, he runs like the wind and as he is gaining confidence we are seeing him flying down the wing more and more for Liverpool
It's  early days yet, but we look to have finally found somebody who can defend, is strong enough in the air, who can attack, who is a real threat to opposition, who can score goals and who is young enough to improve.  Step up Alberto Moreno, I think we have our left back. 


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