Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our Rivals

In my opinion we have six main rivals Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton they are rivals now and in most cases have been for my entire time supporting Liverpool, City and Chelsea are more recent, the financial boost they have received from their new owners have lifted them.
Manchester United, in my opinion are our biggest rivals I love nothing more than a victory over United, they have been an annoyance throughout my time supporting Liverpool but recently have become even more so with their success.  The bias that the media shows towards them is annoying but their recent fall from grace has been amusing.  This season they have spent a ridiculous amount of money in attempt To get back to the top, to be fair they have bought some exciting players but in my opinion have vastly over payed, it doesn't make them good, just because they are expensive. They have also failed, in the most part, to address some of their major problems.  My prediction for this season is a fifth place finish.
Manchester City, rivals for top spot last year yes, but not one of the teams that are traditional rivals mainly as they have only recently started to challenge since they received their new money.  I don't like the way that they have thrown money around and bought success but that's the way things are, they aren't  particularly annoying about it and have put together a great team that plays exciting football.  They are the reigning champions and have bought well filling in any gaps there were in their squad.  The only weakness I can see is the ego and possible bad attitude of one or two star players.  Predicted finishing position second.
Chelsea, a horrible club, I hate everything they stand for, or don't stand for as they have absolutely nothing about them, no history, no identity.  People always say, but you would take the money, I can honestly say I wouldn't not if it lead to plastic flags, no atmosphere, a manager like Mourinho and a captain like Terry obnoxious men who have no place at any decent club but when you sell out that's what you can expect.  They do however, have a very impressive team,they have bought superbly well if they can keep all the egos happy they have no weakness.  PredictES finish first.
Arsenal, I have nothing against the club other than it appears that every single one of their supporters is a twat, I can't believe some of the stuff they come out with, a huge lack of knowledge.  This is shown in what the club has been able to get away with, a massive lack of ambition and the supporters have just gone along with it as they don't know any better, this season they will be fourth, again, that's all they want and all they will get before they sell their best players as they prepare for fourth again the year after.
Spurs, another team who although often have a decent team and challenge for honours I have nothing against, I do like to win against them, but at the same time I've always had a bit if a soft spot for them as they always play, or try to play decent football.  This year they have a decent squad and they will hope all last seasons purchases will start to settle in a bit more and become more cohesive.  I admire their new manager Pochettino who I think will get the best out if them, I'm just not sure their best will be good enough as I think they will finish sixth.
Everton, neighbours and traditional rivals who we all love to beat more than anybody but also friends, we should never forget the support that Everton as a club, their manager, players and supporters have given us through the Hillsborough disaster and the subsequent fight for justice, rivals and friends.  This year Everton will finish in seventh they have spent a lot of money making a big statement and they do have a strong squad but I feel that as they have spent the money making last seasons loan deals permanent and they fallen behind the other contenders a little, they are contenders but will fall a little short.
an exciting season ahead with lots of rivalries to be played out, lots of gloating to be done, lots of tears to be spilt and lots of fun to be had.  I just hope all the fun is not at our expense and it not us spilling he tears. I hate losing out to our rivals.


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