Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool

Are we on our way to glory with Brendan Rodgers? It doesn't feel that way at the moment.  Rodgers for me was the right man for the job I believe that he was the correct appointment.  Things are going wrong and we are seeing the faults in our manager but despite this I, as yet, don't think it's time he was replaced.  I believe he can turn this around, i believe he has earned a bit of credit with the fabulous job he did last season and i don't believe we can attract anybody any better, there are people out there but Klopp, who is the man who I would want to bring in is not leaving Dortmund to come to us, we no longer can pick and choose who we want, our club is no longer of that standing.

So if we accept that Rodgers is staying, what do Liverpool as a club do to make things better, to help the manager?  Firstly things will get better, Rodgers is still inexperienced as a manager at this level and he should learn and grow with time, he needs to accept that he has been wrong on some issues and show a willingness to change, people are saying he has become to stubborn especially with regards to team selection, if this is true he needs to change he can be wrong and he has shown he can, last year he was praised for his willingness to change and learn.  Alongside this I think there is an issue with some players who were perhaps purchased on the say so of the transfer committee.  Rodgers needs to pick the team on merit he said he would and at the minute he is obviously not and yes that includes dropping Gerrard if he does not deserve a place in the team.   
Brendan has also refused to work with a director of football, I think that FSG should tell him that he is going to work with somebody and bring in somebody at this level allowing Rodgers to do what he does best, coach.  His record of buying players is starting to look bad and some of the players he has said he wanted just make me cringe.  Similar should be done with the coaching staff I think he needs more help and advice, a bigger team bring in a team of top people around Rodgers, he would still be the man in charge, still have the final say but at the moment our team seems to consist of Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh, good people i'm sure, but are they the best available? Is this team big enough? I don't think so, keep Pascoe and Marsh but bring in a Goalkeeping Coach, a defensive coach and an assistant as well get the top people because at the minute almost without exception our players are getting worse as time goes on.

Finally Brendan needs to get back on form, at the moment he looks defeated, down, depressed even and I can understand why but we need the old arrogance back.  He needs to grow a pair, make the big decisions, make the changes and get the players playing again they need to believe in him again before its to late.  The club and the manager don't have long before it will be to late and we have no option to look for that new manager you can't live on a good season for ever.


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