Sunday, 2 November 2014

Match Review - Newcastle United

I'm very down about the performance of the team and the results that the performances are leading to, I seem to be writing the same think after most games, Im hearing other people saying the same things on podcasts about our club and seeing other people write about the same things in blogs, fanzines and in the mainstream media everybody is saying the same but our club, players and management can't see it or will not do anything about it, it is quickly getting to the stage where it has cost us our season and before long it will start costing people their future at our club and their jobs, it has to, I don't want to challenge the managers position but if he continues with his head in the sand and not doing anything about our current predicament then we have to at least ask the question what he is doing?

Again against Newcastle we only played one up front, the wrong formation, I know I'm not a professional coach and Rodgers knows more than me but everything points to two up being the better option, all our strikers stats show they are better with a partner all our midfielders are better through central positions rather than stuck put wide with the possible exception of Lallana (making me ask the question are we just playing this formation to justify buying Lallana for such a huge sum, one mistake covered by another?).  We all can see that as soon as we get a second striker on the field the team look more of a threat, you can tell the crowd come alive and the stats prove it, we win games and score goals with two strikers we don't with one.  We must at least ask the question why we are continually playing a formation that doesn't work when we have the ability and players to play one that does.

Again against Newcastle we conceded a goal from shambolic, lazy defending with an individual error and again we have to say that this has been going on for to long, we can all see it, we must ask the question why nothing is getting done about, again everybody can see the problems they have been there for over a year and almost everybody has made the suggestion about bringing in help, a defensive coach, but the people at the club can't see it or again won't do anything about it so we see a young defender making the same mistake over and over again, it's not good enough, this mistake from the same player has already cost us a goal this season a possible four points lost already from just this mistake from this player and he is one of the better ones.

Gerrard appears to be getting played in almost every game for the full ninety minutes, now against Newcastle he was probably our best player but we must ask the question how to best use him, he has been poor this season and again we are just burying our heads, doing nothing about a serious problem and hoping for the best.  Sterling is in a poor run of form over the last few games, he needs a rest, we all know it, so why is he not getting one? We bought a squad to allow us to rest players why are we not doing it?

We are not, as a club, criticising the form or abilities of any of the new signings, almost without exception they appear to be terrible and we need to ask why, why have we spent 20 million on a defender who looks out of his depth, is he that bad? How can we help him improve? Why aren't we doing it? In Balotelli, Markovic, Lambert and Borini we have around £50 million pound of striker (yes Markovic is a striker we need to ask why he isn't used in this position) we are a quarter of the way through the league season and they don't have a league goal or assist between them, four strikers 49 million pounds and nothing, why? absolutely terrible at least ask the questions Why? Are they good enough? Are we buying the right type of player? How can we help them? 

Against Newcastle we looked slow, lethargic without ideas, we had plenty of the ball but it was at the back in front of the defence, sideways and backwards passing, no penetration absolutely non, in the entire game I can't remember a single chance.  We handled Newcastle relatively well at the back but occasionally an individual error would lead to a period of panic and eventually the goal came from one such error.  I believe the way we played and it's not the first time we have been this bad this season is becoming the norm and is caused by us not asking or certainly not finding the answers to the questions above, we have no confidence, the majority of the team is out of form and we look to be totally out of ideas on and off the pitch.

As supporters I believe we have a right to ask the questions and even criticise in fact I think it is a necessity that we do so, but our primary role is to support the team, the manager and the individual players, ask the questions but don't destroy players or the teams confidence our primary role is to do the opposite and that's support, lift them, help them achieve, we are all disappointed, angry even at what's happening on the field but all we can do is support our team.


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