Monday, 10 November 2014

Brendan Rodgers - Now or Never

It's now or never Brendan Rodgers, it's time to make big decisions and it is going to make or break your Liverpool career.  We have bought players for the future and with the excellent players coming through and the young players in our first team squad we look ok into the future but now, our current team, i'm not so sure, i'm not prepared to right us off but things need to change and they need to change now or we are in big trouble.  The Champions League as we know brings huge amounts of money in, vital if we plan on growing our team and squad, we do have young players coming through but we will need to compliment them with others if we are to challenge at the very top and we need the Champions League money to fund this, the money now is good, next season it doubles and we simply cant afford not to have our slice, miss out and we instantly fall too far behind the clubs who do qualify.  We have had a terrible start, don't put your head in the sand, its bad, really bad, worse than under Roy, we are playing poorly, really poorly but there is hope in that so are others, we have played this bad and we are not out of it, not yet, but Rodgers needs to step up prove he is the man for the job and drag this club and team up the league, kicking and screaming if he has to.  I think he has it in him, I don't agree that last year was lucky and he just blagged it, he can take the bull by the horns and take this club in to a bright future, but things need to change and they need to change now.

Rodgers needs to make decisions to change things and if necessary admit he has been wrong, we know that he is relatively inexperienced at the very top level but one of the things that impressed me about him last season was the willingness to change, to admit he had been wrong, to develop his and the teams thinking.

Rodgers needs to make decisions about the defence, i believe he needs to bring in a coach to concentrate specifically in this area, this is a tough decision for him to make but it needs to be done, we need to develop all aspects of our club coaching included.  I believe we need to admit it when we have made a mistake in the transfer market, we will always make mistakes but at the moment we are compounding them by playing players that we spent a lot of money on purely because we spent a lot of money on them.  Nobody can feel Lovren deserves a starting place purely on his performances, we have better defenders at the club and the decision needs to be made to play them no matter how much we paid for Lovren, its tough to admit you were wrong but at times it needs to be done, now is one of those times.  It's not the end for Lovren, I think he just needs to step back be taken out of the team rebuild his confidence and be better prepared for the first team at Liverpool when he gets another chance.

Tough decisions need to  be made in midfield.  Our captain and vice captain are playing badly and as with the defence I cant see why they are getting picked.  With Henderson it just appears to be a lack of form and with his attitude i'm sure his form will return sooner rather than later but it still needs a decision do we play him or not.  With Gerrard i fear it is more serious, I'm no longer sure that he can hold down a place in the team every week or twice a week for ninety minutes he is looking slow both on and and off the ball, he is picked out by most opponents as a weakness and thats a shame, Rodgers needs to decide what to do with him or make the big ballsy decision and ask him, no tell him to step back, just a little. 

Further up the field, in attack, we have similar problems to in defence with Sturridge injured we have three forwards who a third of the way through the league season have failed to score a goal or get an assist between them.  I don't claim to know what to do about it, but we need to do something, decisions have to be made, do we get rid and try again, do we bring in a coach here to help or is it something else, I don't know, but with stats like that something obviously needs to happen and it needs to happen soon.

The formation we are using isn't working, we can all see it, most of our players appear uncomfortable with it, players are been put in to positions they are not comfortable in or where they are unable to produce their best, Sterling is not a right winger, Gerrard is not a defensive midfielder, Markovic is not a winger, Balotelli is not a loan striker, Borini is not a wide man and so on.  I have been going on in the past about playing the diamond but i'm no coach this may not be the solution but i do believe the key is a formation that suites our players, two up front, Sterling through the middle or on the left, Gerrard where he can damage teams and so on, I don't know what this formation is but simply playing a formation that we know for a fact doesn't work is certainly not the solution.  Rodgers needs to make the decision to change, it was certainly worth a go trying the 4-2-3-1 but it doesn't work, not for us, it's time, way past time actually to make the decision to change try something else.

Rodgers has to make these decisions, it's make or break and nows the time, I have faith in our players, I have faith in the manager, we know the manager can motivate, we know he can coach, we know he can develop players, I think he can pull it off tactically, I think he can do it all, but can he admit he has been wrong can he make the decisions he needs to to take us to the very top.  I believe thats the difference between success and failure for Rodgers.


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