Friday, 21 November 2014

Right Here, Right Now

Teams have had problems with injuries and loss of form before and it will happen again, what you do is battle through and with a bit of luck come out stronger.  Liverpool are suffering mainly with poor form but we have had our share of injuries.  We shouldn't use injuries as an excuse nor lack of form, we should stick together and battle through, we will come out the other end.  I have heard and scene Liverpool supporters blaming anybody and anything, it doesn't matter what anybody says Sturridge can do nothing about his injuries, he is not getting them on purpose and i'm absolutely sure that both he and the clubs medical team are doing everything possible to get him fit, so stop with the ridiculous comments, it's not his fault, or Brendan Rodgers or FSG's fault that he is injured he will get back as soon as he can.  

Whilst i'm on a rant can we please stop with the criticism of the club and Rodgers over the new signings.  The vast majority of people said, in the summer that we had had a good window, many claiming it was the best window ever and now almost universally people are saying that it was a terrible window, you cant have it both ways its easy with hindsight and thats one thing the manager or transfer committee doesn't have.  We are not in a position to pick and choose the biggest names in world football not everybody wants to play for us and we cant afford some so we do the best we can at the time, not every player will be an instant success or even a success at all, constant moaning and criticism does't help we as supporters need to support.  We can challenge and we can question but please make sure we always support the team and all of the players.

Why, because I believe the next few games are the make and break for our season, we have four league games and two Champions league fixtures before we play Manchester United in December and they are all games we can, even should win. Win them and we will probably be top four and through to the knock out stage of the Champions League drop points and we will be out of Europe and in real problems in the league.  Now is the time for unconditional support everybody one hundred percent behind the players, manager and team no matter who is picked, now is the time to line the streets for the team bus, now is the time to will the team back in to form, right here, right now.

The time to question players is later, we can't do anything until January, people will be working behind the scenes but nothing apart from speculation can happen now so we go with what we have.  Players may be out of form or some may simply be not good enough but the one thing we know we have is world class support, we have to admit we have been a bit out of form recently so lets forget the negativity and effect things positively, perhaps we can make a difference.


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