Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gerrard - To sign or not to sign

Should our Captain and club legend Gerrard be given a new contract keeping him at our club beyond the end of the season or has the time come to allow him to leave.  For me it depends on many questions that need to be answered.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, does he want to stay? I'm sure he does, but is he prepared to miss out on playing time? Is he prepared to spend time on the bench possibly being used as an impact sub?  I think it's time for Gerrard to consider these options, if he chooses to remain at Liverpool he may have to take a step back and have a look at his role going in to the future.  He still has the ability but can he do it for ninety minutes, twice a week, I doubt it.

Do the club want him? Almost certainly, but I believe that they also see a change in role for him, certainly in his time spent on the pitch, he simply cant go on for ever, nobody can and I think with this in mind FSG may be looking to cut his wages possibly hugely.  I can see the argument, less importance to the team equals less money, Gerrard cant have as much influence on the pitch as he once did so does he deserve the same money as he was earning in his pomp?  Probably not but this is going to be hard for hime to take, many mistake salary with standing and he will perhaps feel he deserves more for his loyalty and deserved standing within the club.

What are the options open to him?  He can of course stay at Liverpool he will of course be offered some sort of contract extension, I believe it will be a one year extension with a reduced salary, but he can sign it and stay.  He has the option of joining another club in the Premier League, it is rumoured that Manchester City would be interested in signing him as a replacement for Lampard and i'm sure plenty of other premier league clubs would like to have him in their squads even if only to say that he played for them.  I can't see him playing for another team, I cant imagine him running out against us or hearing other supporters sing his name and i really don't think he would consider this option he does have a love for our club and a loyalty to the supporters.  Can he join another club in Europe?  Yes he can, but can he join one with a high enough standing in the game, one where he can win something, possibly, he has a big enough name but will he get a regular first team start in such a team, at Bayern or Madrid or Barcelona I doubt it so he may as well stop where he is rather than rot on the bench at another club.  Leaving the third and most possible option, America.  New York are also rumoured to be interested.  He undoubtably would be an important player for them and they could and would pay the money he is used to.  New York would allow him to extend his career and earning potential for a few more years and I think would be an attractive place to work and live.  I think this is a viable option.

I had hoped that Gerrard would see out his career at Liverpool and I would hate to see him leave to join one of our competitors either in this country or abroad.  But, if we cant give him what he wants then New York seems to be a viable option, but whatever he chooses he has earned our thanks, support and best wishes and in any case he has a job to do over the next few months, we still need our captain.


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