Monday, 3 November 2014

We Are Liverpool

Tomorrow night Liverpool travel to Madrid, to play Real, the Champions of Europe in their own back yard and for the first time in my life I can't see a way how we can win.  There was a time, not so long ago, when no matter who we were playing there was always a chance, we always travelled with hope in our hearts, after all we are Liverpool.

We are Liverpool, five times champions, one of the biggest teams on the continent.  We have the best supporters in the world, worth a goal in any situation, we have more European experience than any other club in the country, we have quality players, we have a never say die attitude, we are never beaten, the games never over, just ask Milan.  We are Liverpool 

So with all of this why am I pessimistic ahead of Tuesdays game?  To be honest I think the club have forgotten, not that they are Liverpool I think they are more than aware, the shirt is heavy and it's weighing some down, more that we have forgotten how to be Liverpool.  I would like to see players play the game with style and confidence, arrogance even, no matter who you put front of them we can score, we can win, We are Liverpool.  The manager needs to empower the team to play confident attacking football, we seem more concerned about the opposition than about what we are doing, we need to turn the tables, let's make them worry about us, we are Liverpool.  One or two individuals need reminding that at Liverpool we fight, heads down isn't acceptable if you make a mistake or are having a poor game you lift your head up stick your chest out and get on with it, you tough it out as an individual and a team because, we are Liverpool.  When things aren't going well, if we fall behind we don't go into our shells we fight harder until the very last kick, until the referee blows the final whistle because we are Liverpool and we as supporters make sure this happens, we sing, we shout, we scream we don't accept second best we given the players the confidence and the support they need even when things aren't going well to look teams like Madrid in the eyes and say we are Liverpool and we are coming for you.

The red shirts were designed to make us look like giants and for decades we have strode around Europe playing like giants sometimes on paper outclassed but we always remembered who we are, we are Liverpool and we will find a way, just show one sign of weakness, one chink in the armour and we will be all over it.  So don't be afraid, support the team, empower the team and maybe just maybe we will remember that we are Liverpool, the best football team in the land. 


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