Monday, 24 November 2014

Match Review - Crystal Palace

This hurts, we are not only losing we are getting humiliated, slaughtered by teams we should be picking up three points against, player for player we are better than Crystal Palace but they beat us with relative ease, they bullied us, found and exploited weaknesses in our formations and tactics and left us almost out for the count with players looking shell shocked and totally out of ideas.  Yet again we had players running in to each other, Mignolet unable to find the pitch with a free kick, time and again players falling over, time and again players out of position not just by a few yards but almost the length of the pitch.  We just appear to have no idea as to what we are doing, with almost the whole team totally out of form to the point where we cant complete a simple forward pass so as a result we pass it backwards and sideways until we eventually lose the ball never threatening the opponents.

We started well and were in front after only ninety seconds when Lallana found Lambert, a link up we have been waiting for, with a glorious pass, Lambert produced an excellent first touch and finish to grab his first goal for the club and hopefully remove that huge weight he has had on his shoulders since the day he arrived.  That was as good as it got, we are so far out of form that  its not true, something is badly wrong, we couldn't cope with Crystal Palace on the break, Crystal Palace.  We never looked like scoring a second and every player, with the exception of Coutinho looked, to me, seriously out of form and confidence.  I don't not what to say anymore, we a bad really bad and nothing much appears to be changing we are just banging our heads against that wall game after game.

Before the match the talk was over team selection would we play two up and why in Gods name are we still picking Lovren, Johnson and Gerrard and leaving players who have played well recently on the bench.  These three are in my opinion the worst offenders.  They are not bad players, I have seen them all play well, very well, but this season at least they have all been consistently terrible, there are many possible reasons as to why, but the underlying problem is that they are getting picked when at the moment they are not the best people for the jobs they are getting asked to do.  We need to ask why we are consistently picking players in such terrible form.  I suspect it is reputation in the case of two and money spent in the case of the other, neither are reasons to pick players, we were promised teams would be picked on merit and its not happening, we are making the same mistakes week after week, game after game and it has cost us our league season and within a few days, if we don't change, will have cost us our run in the Champions League.

I'm incredibly frustrated, I'm writing the same thing every week and we are not changing anything, it's getting harder and harder to keep faith in a manager that doesn't seem to have any of the answers. 


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