Friday, 14 November 2014

Players Liverpool Should Target In January

Players that Liverpool should target in January

Kevin De Bruyne - Wolfsburg 

With creativity lacking in the final third  Liverpool could do worst than grabbing the young Belgian international. Part of the new wave of top-class Belgian players, De Bruyne, 23, is getting it done at the top level. A shining light for the Red Devils in Brazil during the World Cup he has shown no sign of letting up in the Bundesliga. While playing at Wolfsburg this year he has already accumulated 9 assists. 4 more than his nearest competitor. De Bruyne is quick and decisive on the ball, giving defenders no time to think. There are no wasted movements in his play, very effective and efficient. Whether he would be available in January I don't know but being valued at £16 million by, Liverpool have spent much more on much less. 

Virgil Van Dyke - Celtic 

Everyone knows the difficulties Liverpool have had at the back, Virgil Van Dyke is a strong and commanding centre back. Van Dyke who is part of a disappointing Celtic team that missed out on the Champions League, has been vocal about wanting to move on. He even went AWOL toward the end of the summer window. have him valued at £4 million. I'm my opinion he is very undervalued. I know that Celtic would bite your hand off for around £6 or £7 million. Van Dyke, 23, is on the fringes of the Dutch national team and a move to the Premier league maybe the stepping stone into that squad. Young, physical and needing more of a challenge than the Scottish Premiership can offer, he would fit in as an ample back-up for now and become a long term replacement in the future. Even if he doesn't work out the £7 million invested would be spare change compared to what Liverpool have been spending on centre backs. 

Xherdan Shaqiri - Bayern Munich

Another player that is 23. Another player valued at £16 million by, but Shaqiri is not another player. He is someone who is quick and technically gifted. As shown during the World Cup for Switzerland. Frustrated by the lack of playing time in Munich, Shaqiri is reported as wanting out and is looking for a new challenge. Heavily pursued by Liverpool during the summer the two sides just couldn't agree a fee. After the first half of the season Shaqiri could look at Liverpool as his way out of a stale situation. A player that Liverpool could use now and for the near further with a massive ceiling on his potential isn't so much of a gamble. He can play out right and he is capable of running I behind defenses. Something Liverpool has on the left with Sterling but not so much on the right hand side. Again like I said before Liverpool have spent much more on much less, even if his price was to rise above the £20 million mark Liverpool would still see him as an asset to the squad

Alan Bruce 

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